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Privacy Policy

The Decree No. 2003/196 (ex 675/ 96) ensures that the processing of personal data will be processed respecting their rights , fundamental freedoms and dignity of natural persons, with particular reference to privacy and personal identity.

As provided for by Italian Decree No. 2003/196 (ex 675/ 96), we inform you that the processing of personal data, which will be done through information technology, has the purpose of enforcing the contract .

Where necessary we will send the data to the shipping company responsible and the other companies involved in the various stages of the sales process. This transfer of data is essential to Elettrodomex Srl for the execution of the contract of sale.

Note also that these data can be used to provide information about the events, promotions and product launches. To the same end , the data may only be available to companies related to us. In any case we will not use the information in our possession for other purposes than those listed above.

You may exercise the rights provided for by Decree No. 2003/196 (ex 675/ 96) with the competent authorities. In addition, pursuant to Decree No. 2003/196, you can anytime request not to receive our messages by sending an e -mail to with the subject " Unsubscribe ".